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Here's a little update on a column I've been illustrating for the most excellent folks at Texas Monthly. It's called "Behind The Lines" and deals with social, political and environmental issues and everything else relevant to the state of Texas.
This one's about the Texan-Mexican border and the various immigration issues there.

Here the topic was the prediction of Rick Perry's announcement about whether or not he'd be running for governor again. They guessed he wouldn't.

About David Dewhurst's personal downfall as lieutenant governor and the downfall of the office itself.

Who is more philanthropic: conservatives or liberals?

The controversies of College Football, a corrupt paradox where the athletes are essentially professional employees who are not getting paid.

About the upcoming scramble for $2 billion in state funding that has just become available to build water infrastructure, like reservoirs, pipelines, etc.

About the isolation struggles veterans face when they return from combat. For many of them, the real fight is readjusting to civilian life.

About how the state government should use the money from the recent Texas oil boom to fix the roads.

On the scrutiny and double standards that female candidates face when running for political office.

About how as big cities become more global in scope, they also become more reliant on state and local governments (as opposed to the federal government) to solve their problems. This puts a lot of pressure on smaller government offices as they struggle to deal with issues they're not fully equipped to handle.

An Opener and 2 Spots about Airlines, and their ridiculous practice of charging extra for just about anything. I just love the beautifully naive ugliness of those passenger safety/emergency cards...
For Wirtschafts Woche.

Kids these days...
This one's about how children these days tend to have fuller days than their old folks.
With more and more schools becoming places where the kid spends morning to night, learning, eating, playing, napping and all kinds of activities they may have done with their parents before. And how it might affect family life.
This one's also a prime example of how a lot of my concepts are fueled by sheer lazyness. I could certainly have drawn a whole wagonload of kids involved in various activities mentioned in the text. But then I didn't.
This is the whole image...

And the printed spread. Client was Frankfurter Allgemeine.

Health Insurance...
...and the rising costs of it.
Usually I try my hardest to avoid Euro/Dollar signs, but in this case I think it's tolerable...
Client was Wirtschafts Woche.

And a few Spots to match...

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