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Rolling Stone Playlist Illos
Here a few portraits for Rolling Stone's current Playlist Issue.
They asked over 50 artists to pick their personal top ten of the music they love most. Can be either a whole genre or their top ten from another band / musician. Conceptually that was not really a whole lot to work with, so clearly here the focus is on the likenesses. Sizes range from spots to half pagers. Fun gig...always a pleasure to work with those guys...
Alice Cooper on Pete Townshend

Bono on Bowie.

Erykah Badu on 70's Soul.

Devandra Barnhart on Ska and Rocksteady.

Cee Lo on Southern Hip Hop.

Chris Martin on 80's Pop.

Drake on Jimi Hendrix.

The Edge on Post Punk.

Elton John on New Sounds (Lady Gaga, in this case...).

Gerard Way on Glam Rock.

Ice Cube on West Coast Hip Hop.

Iggy Pop on Chicago Blues.

Jackson Browne on early Springsteen.

Jim James on Curtis Mayfield.

Ozzy on The Beatles.

Mick Jagger on the Blues.

MGMT on Psychedelia.

Keef on Robert Johnson.

Patti Smith on Dylan's love songs.

Tom Morello on Protest Music.

?uestlove on Prince.

Rod Stewart on Sam Cooke.

Rick Rubin on Led Zeppelin.

Sam Moore on Soul.

Pete Seeger on Folk.

Tom Petty on British Invasion.

Stephen Tyler on The Rolling Stones.

Wayne Coyne on Pink Floyd.

Yoko Ono on John Lennon.

Win Butler on Bruce Springsteen.

The opening illustration for the whole package.

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