Thomas Fuchs
Rolling Stone Playlist, Part II.
Some of you may remember last year's edition of the playlist, where they asked over 50 artists to pick their personal top ten of the music they love most. Can be either a whole genre or their top ten from another band / musician.
Well, here's this year's picks- a bunch of new ones and some that didn't run last year...again, fun gig.
ADs: Joe Hutchinson and Matthew Cooley.
The opening illo, Mick Jagger on Reggae.

The Black Keys, on guitar and drum grooves.

Cee-Lo, on southern Hip Hop.

Billy Gibbons, on Blues Guitar Solos.

Merle Haggard, on Country songs he wishes he'd written.

Jim James, on The Band.

Norah Jones, on Neil Young.

Ke$ha, on party music.

Miranda Lambert, on revenge songs.

Adam Levine, on Stevie Wonder.

Lou Reed, on song lyrics.

John Mellencamp, on protest music.

Mike-D, on old school Hip Hop.

Tom Petty, on Elvis.

Steven Tyler, on the Rolling Stones.

Wayne Coyne, on Pink Floyd.

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