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Penis! Can i say that on here?
This is a piece I did recently for John Dixon over at Men's Health.
Great AD and an even greater guy. They were doing a feature on the male reproductive organ...covering about any conceivable issue that comes with said appendage...and asking different artists/photographers to come up with images for it. At first they asked me to go the less subtle route, as in more whimsical/metaphorical, i guess, to make it different from the anticipated other pieces of art and the expected flurry of hip-shots.
We went back and forth quite a bit, as is to be expected with a topic like this, but eventually decided to go the super-subtle route. Say nothing, but everything...worked out ok i think.
Some of the sketches below...
Ungerer is back.
Looks like one of my all time favorite artists, Tomi Ungerer, is finally being published in the States again. After being a huge name in the childrens book market (let alone all his poster, cover and other illustrtion work) in the 60's, he fell out of favour with childrens book publishers stateside-mainly for publishing a bunch of books of what he calls "erotica", one of them aptly named "fornicon". Great stuff, I assure you.
Phaidon now has purchased the rights to some of his childrens books and plans on re-publishing them....
Link to NYTimes article here:
interesting copyright article...
link via
interesting read, i find...
holiday cards...
kay, looks like 'tis the season again, jolly and all that crap.
working on a bunch of animated christmas cards right now to email out (will post when done), but for now here's a few of my old ones...
that tree stump was for 2001...
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