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Gray Matter

FEBRUARY 2, 2016
For my first post of the year I thought I could do a little overview of my contribution for the Gray matter section in The New York Times.
It has been challenging and still is, to work on a recurring weekly column with not always easy topics, but after which I have the feeling I've learned something.
I won't make it long, but I wanted to thank Aviva, Alexandra and Nathan for this great ride.
Here are some samples of the pieces I've done for the past ten months.
"American dream? Or mirage?"
"When a gun is not a gun"
"Empathy is actually a choice"
"It's not a stream of consciousness"
"The Economics of Suspense"
"A Crisis at the Edge of Physics"
"The science of inside out"
"The Power of Precise Predictions"
"Are college lectures unfair?"
"The key to political persuasion"
"What a million syllabuses can teach us"
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