Gerard DuBois
The New York Times Insomnia
Last week art director Aviva Michaelov asked me if I would be interested to work with her on The New-York Times Health section of the Sunday Review. 
The subject was about a new study on insomnia and sleeping pills.
The author questions the results of this research, arguing your life was far more in danger because of insomnia than because of sleeping pills.
To read more: «The case for sleep medicine»
The process has gone pretty easily thanks to Aviva.
I came up with four sketches, trying to provide different angles and sizes to the text, focusing either on the insomnia threat or on pills threat. 
It's always challenging for me to work on fast deadline, even after years of experience, I still feel I'm on thight rope, but somehow I enjoy this kind of thrill. 
And it's so great to see the printed page two days later.
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