Gerard DuBois
South Sudan
A year ago I was called by XXI magazine, a french quaterly publication that is filled with great articles and reportages, and only. Each of them is illustrated.
No photo. No ads, not a single one.
Cover, illustrated too.
Their business plan was a risky one, but after 3 years, they run 50 000 copies per issue.
Anyway, I just mention it now because of the sad news coming from Sudan, just a year after this article (written by great author Jonathan Littell) about  South Sudan's vote for its separation and desire to create a new country.
The refugees camp. People were coming back now that the country was at peace
My images had to be really narrative and close to the story.
Jonathan Littell stayed  in Sudan during this period and the days the vote took place.
We can only wish for Peace, again.
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