Gerard DuBois
Two Posters
Poster for a biennale in Paris. «Home and Design».
Two nice recent projects I've really enjoyed working for. It's not so often i got to work on big posters.
The first one, was some kind of carte blanche around the Home & Design theme for a Biennale in Paris starting in June. 
The image will be blown on a huge banner inside the biennale along with other illustrators and photographers projects.
I do like being able to do more graphic images sometimes. It took me years to feel confident enough to try it.
I'm working right now on doing a limited edition for sale of this poster.
Poster for Thinktopia.
The second poster was for Thinktopia Company; I know some of you on Drawgers have also done one in the past; Gary Taxali did a great one.
The poster will be a limited edition for Thinktopia's clients.
It was also a carte blanche or so, around the theme «Better thoughts through thinking» wich is Thinktopia's baseline.
I've just tried to have fun on both projects and not be too serious; to lighten up a bit!
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