Gerard DuBois
August 2010
Sacred Spaces
Here is the second final that made it in the magazine.
Here is my latest image for Nancy Gibbs essay in Time magazine, «Sacred Spaces»,discussing the sensitive ground zero Mosquee issue. So sensitive that I've done three different finals for it. Here is a link to the article,9171,2011927,00.html
Here is the first final.
The second color test.
For a moment, it has been considered as a possible cover... Too bad, did not happen.
A quick idea of what it could have look like.
Sarah Waters
It has been a long time since I've posted something, but everyone living on this part of the globe will tell you, summer is so short you don't want to miss it. Still, I had the chance to illustrate the book cover of Sarah Waters' last novel to be translated in french « The little stranger». A kind of a gothic story taking place in an old english house, some kind of James Ivory meeting Stephen King. Antoine Tanguay, the editor, is a true fan of illustration, so it has been really great to work with him. Since this novel is pretty important, we had the chance to use a fifth color; illustrate endpages; do a frontispiece on the title page, a home made Rorshaw test...
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