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The Absorbing Truth...

NOVEMBER 19, 2007
Mildred and Sylvia
The absorbing truth ... and Character design ... ( not to be confused with character development ), that's another post.
I've created lot's of characters each with very distinct personalities. Sometimes based on people from my childhood,  Mildred and Sylvia... and sometimes a combination of personalities I've met along the way.
Article about School Lunches and a Chip for TIME
With anthropomorphic illustration there's not much different except that I get to bring a product, something from the food group, or whatever inanimate object... to LIFE!
Business Week and Fortune Magazine
One of the first ones years ago was for the New York Times Magazine. A cigarette holding a match and enticing the reader into wanting a smoke.
( I'm not gonna look for that one now). Products are always fun.
That's my REAL tire.
Since then I've come up with all sorts of anthropomorphic personalities... a fork, bottle caps, bandage box and a zillion others, you name it ... except one! 
"Yer not frum roun here are yuz?"
Now... I'm up for challenges, and usually enjoy a break from the monotony of daily life. But once in a while I'm called upon to perform a Herculean task... to go where few dare venture. So, when I got the email I chose to rise to the occasion. This one would require hard work, effort, and nerves of steel. The client... top notch, the reader's... the TEENAGE GIRLS of the USA.
 First I needed some feminine products.  I drove three states away to purchase the needed supplies, y'know... give any of those wanna be illustrators the slip.
The PAIN, Oh, the PAIN....
The drug store I wound up at wasn't what I'd hoped for, and finding what I needed wasn't an easy task my friends, there's a lot to choose from.
Have a Nice Day
"Are these for you?"             Frik'n F-d up bar code! ^%!$!#&^$%@#
How do women use these darned things?
Then exhausted and back at the studio I set to work. Evoking the spirit of Dr. Frankenstein I labored all night. Lightning striking all around, fire and brimstone!  Until.......
It is ALIVE !!!