David Goldin
Opening in Brooklyn
David Goldin
October 23rd - December 4th

Opening Reception
Friday, October 23rd
6 – 9:00pm

Liloveve Gallery
457 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY 11217
Located on Grand between Union and Keap Sts.
(L / G train to Lorimer St. / Metropolitan Ave.)

T: 718.388.2190


Fubar Studio
A lot of late nights working and it looks like an IED went off in the studio. Wheels are spinning and sparks are flying as I  hammer, saw, paint and glue in preparation for a show in Brooklyn.

Fubar Studio
It's such a mess here.
 As I tip-toe around the studio trying not to step on artwork it looks like I'm doing the Lambada.
It's a death trap to those who've never been here before. NOT child safe.

Fubar Workbench
In this absolute chaos I can find everything I need. Power tools from yard sales, drill bits by the billions, and
rusty, bent and broken stuff to bring to life.
Shy Engine checking out an Alien
Now I have to wrap it up and bring it all to Brooklyn.
I Hope to see you there.

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