David Goldin
January 2007
Lost Cat
My first kid's book.
When I was a kid, you just blew into a conch shell and Dr. Dolittle would come sailing by on a Luna moth, help you find your pet and that would be that.
My neighbor's cat went missing and she called an Animal Communicator. She was told by the communicator ( who could now see through the missing cat's eyes) over the phone, that the missing cat was near a red barn and not far from a pond. Now I'm thinking that she's just described anywhere in New England.
The cat came back on it's own a few days later. Now, I'm all for talking to the animals... but, over the phone and paying for it?
Everybody Loves the Sunshine
Disgustingly Cute Flower Power
On this frigid day, with temperatures in the single digits, I pass along warm thoughts. Roy Ayers has a better way of expressing it than I do. Maybe cause I'm still freezing from being outside or because he's an artistic genius. Stay warm!
Everybody Loves the Sunshine
Street Cuisine
Food Carts New Yorker
The best Tamales in New York, white truck West 14th only weekends. Best Falafel, 50th and 7th, quilted metal food cart, Lunch only. Noodle cart Centre and Canal, cart w/ umbrella.
Some mighty fine street cuisine to be found in this great city. Anybody got any recommendations?  Nothing over $5
Al, my asshole father, had a lot of great ideas, just like me...
Instead of magic beans, he comes home with a Gas powered pogo stick.
Yes, I being the only Goldin who could pogo stick...
was chosen to be the stunt pilot. I jumped and jumped
but I was not heavy enough to trigger the piston in the engine.
No problem, Al just pushes my shoulders down real hard like a football jock,
and.... POW! the gas powered motor is triggered. I went as high as the telephone pole.
Then POW! again, and again. It was a fucking nightmare. I was flying higher and higher. I didn't know how to get off the thing.
So I did a skydive bail where you just crash. I was amazed to be alive, and still wonder about the motorized pogo stick.
I found one on EBAY. I'm not making this up!!!
This was my childhood, back when you had to stay out of the house until dinner time.
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.
Happy Fingers
This is what I believe is the only live action Dr. Suess film. Made in 1953. I first saw this at Film Forum years ago. Bart has only one enemy in the world: his piano teacher Dr. Terwilliker. Dr. T has a mad plan to force 500 young boys to practice at his magnificent piano 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bart is the only hope to save these boys from being enslaved. Fantastic sets, screenplay, and even song lyrics were provided by Dr. Seuss. Features the only piano academy ever known to be equipped with cells and surrounded by an electric fence. According the Theodor Geisel/Dr. Seuss, the film's director, one of the 150 boys vomited on the piano while filming. This caused a chain reaction and they were left with 150 vomiting boys. Geisel said that the film's reviews were similar. According to producer Stanley Kramer, the film's budget would only allow him to hire 150 boys for the piano sequence, instead of the 500 boys he intended to use. When he threatened them with dismissal after they misbehaved, many of them stood up and cheered.
Passenger Safety
Indian Airways
"Please place your seats in the upright position. The fasten seat belt sign has been illuminated"
"Refer to the Safety Instructions in the seat back in front of you for the nearest Emergency Exit."

I've travelled a little and flown on some of the worst, broke down, horrific airlines and airplanes.
On Garuda Airways, asleep in my aisle seat, I wake suddenly as we hit turbulence and the side of my seat falls off.
Stuck in an airport in Rajastan for 9 hours with only a 10-watt light-bulb to read by. These airline experiences have happened here in the United States as well.
I was a 10 year old flying alone. The stewardess asked if I'd like to have a look in the cockpit ( oh, shut up).
So there I am meeting the pilot and copilot and they're showing me the controls when out of the blue a lightning bolt strikes.
The pilot panics and screams "get him out of here!" and I'm rushed back to my seat and lights start flashing and seat belt signs light up.
Don't worry, I made it.
Anyway... every airline has their own Safety Instructions. Somehow I've managed to collect a few of these over the years, along with a variety of airsick bags.
Some of the graphics are great, I wish I could get an assignment like that.
Tarom Airways... UGH! and others...
the GOD Project
Industrial rubber cover w/ Tim Carroll image partially revealed.
"As in dream, the images range from the sublime to the ridiculous.
The mind is not permitted to rest with it's normal evaluations,
but is continually insulted and shocked out of the assurance that now,
at last, it has understood..."
                                                    Joseph Campbell

We called this the God Project. Don Besom and I  sent out a dossier with specs asking well known illustrators to send us a god, deity, idol of worship, whatever they wanted... humorous, serious, it was all up to them. We received about 40 pieces of artwork.
After finding industrial rubber on Canal Street for the covers we began printing, collating and hand binding a limited edition of 60 copies.
Every contributor received a copy and Don and I each got a few extras. Then we picked a bar and called all local contributors to come pick up their God Project. There were so many great images and everyone went above and beyond for this one. We did three different projects; the Hook, the God Project, and Mask. Some fellow drawgers were among those that helped make these projects successful.

I forgot to mention, these happened years ago, before we both had kids.
David Miller
I still worship this one. Miller is fantastic.
Steven Dana
Another beauty. Makes me think of the Wonder bread Spirit.
David Goldin
The Yoo-Hoo God. I built this shrine, added real flowers and lit candles and took a photo.
Going Postal!
Envelope from Dunlavey
    I love it when a fellow drawger sends me mail. Rob Dunlavey was kind enough, and even did an awesome drawing on the envelope. Looks too good to open. The postal sticker got a little out of shape along the way. Hmmmm..... what could it be?  Oh god, I hope it's not a calendar!  Even though I did ask for one, I'm in the mood for something a little more exciting.  I'm gonna open it....

here goes.............

It feels like it could be a calendar....

It smells, well..... NOT like a calendar.....

It's..... It's..... IT'S.......
NOT a calendar!
  Rob, you ROCK!   You are my new best friend!
I'm going to call Christoph tomorrow to borrow his Scout book on knots. You sir, have made my day.
I owe you big time.
Thank You!
Harvey Probber design
   One of my best friends growing up was Jeremy Probber.
 I spent a lot of time at his home, and kinda grew up in his house.
His father was Harvey Probber. That's right, the famous  designer who was one of the inventors of modular furniture. We would play Dungeons and Dragons while seated in these amazing chairs made of the finest leather. Harvey was always busy designing new furniture and rock gardens. In his later years his drawings turned into sexy figures that were also chairs. I'm very lucky to have known Harvey and even luckier to have had him make me his famous scrambled egg breakfast.
Harvey Probber design
Found Font Madness
This piece reminds me of the scene in the movie 'Crumb', where you see his brother Charlie's sketchbooks
and you see a visual record of his decent into insanity or whatever you want to call his condition. I managed to turn around
or at least steer clear of smashing head on into madness. Eh, whom I kinding, I'm nuts.
This was done for BLAB, a graphic journal, that some fellow drawgers have been seen in. Edited by Monte Beauchamp, Blab has some great art and found treasures from the past.
Boy, you gotta keep me away from playing with found fonts. I'm Dr. Fontenstein
Hereeeeeeeee's Illoz !
Junkmail Promo
Move over Rover, and let Jimi take over!

illoz is in orbit!  I was there for the countdown, a magnificent night time launch. Everything went smooth and all systems  GO!
Check it out..... NOW!
Thai Food
Cover ASK Magazine for kids
Jay Kee Mao, Pad Kra Pow,
or even just a good Pad Thai... I love Thai food.
Traveling through Thailand and eating with the locals was an amazing experience.
Luckily I've got an iron gut and am able to eat some of the spiciest food without doubling over and screaming.
My friend Simon was not so lucky. Often I was left alone while he went off to find a bathroom- often just a squat toilet, where overcome by cold sweats, convulsions,  and wobbly ankles he would show up later glad to be alive.
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