David Goldin
April 2007
Earth Day
Earth Day cover for Brick Weekly
A global holiday to celebrate the wonder of life on our planet. The moment Spring begins and hearts and minds join all over the world.
Turn off the lights, go outside, walk, play, breathe deep, get on a bicycle and reduce your carbon footprint.
Earth Day is Sunday April 22nd.
"All at Sea"
Cover by Charles Grave
This is a great book I found years ago at Guarnaccia's yard sale-at his studio when it was in the Meat District on 14th.
It was a mob scene and deserves it's own post, but back to this little gem...

This is an illustrated book published by MOSS BROS & CO. Ltd.
MOSS BROS is/was a high end department store. I don't know much about this, maybe A.Richard Allen can shed a little more light on this place. ( I heard he shops here).
But this book illustrates going on a cruise and all the different attire you will need and why. You don't want to be wearing flannel to high tea-Tweed is what you'll need. That would have been embarrassing. What should you wear when going ashore in Tangiers? 4th floor.
The illustrations are by Charles Grave. I don't know anything about him and tried to find more. A few small things came up in my search but nothing as cool as this book. If you know anything about this illustrator, Moss Bros, Cruise ships, or Tweed, let me know.
Way Out
Way Out by Goldin
This is a page from an old sketchbook. It may not be blue, borrowed or new... but... it'll have to do.

I've also always love the 'Wayouts', a band from the Flintstones.
"Way out, way out, that's where the fun is, way out, way out, yeah past the sun"
Little Baby Gumba
First Edition 'Little Baby Gumba'
This is my first child, and now he's over twenty years old. Published in 1985 this little fellow made his first appearance as Baby Gumba. Before that he was "The Poison Baby" and died in the first comic. 'Kills a Rat' is the same premise as all the stories he's in, boiled down to the basic element... Gumba always gets the rat. This was a very limited edition and was not sold in stores. They were given to fans and left at ATMs and left behind in diners and cafes and bars. After a few more books he would go on to be published in BLAB. I work on these things and they get lost on my desk and I find them years later. I just found the Bible I made for a Baby Gumba TV pilot.
Sailors in Boots
Cover / Alex Gard
I found this book years ago at a sidewalk sale in Brooklyn. The illustrated journal of a young graduate of the Russian Naval Academy who joined the U.S. Navy as it prepared to enter the war in Europe. It starts: To all the men who went through the boots training, Especially to Platoon 512, of 1942 Norfolk training station. The illustrations are great. Alex came home from the war and was hired by Vincent Sardi of "Sardi's" to do drawings of Broadway celebrities. Sardi and Gard drew up a contract which stated that Gard would make the caricatures in exchange for one meal per day at the restaurant. The first official caricature by Gard was of Ted Healy, the vaudevillian of Three Stooges fame. When Sardi’s son, Vincent Sardi, Jr. (1915-2007), took over restaurant operations in 1947, he offered to change the terms of Gard's agreement. Gard refused, and continued to draw the caricatures in exchange for meals until his death.
Sick Bay / Alex Gard
This is another book I found online. I'll bet it's great.
Big Wong's
Heatwave in Chinatown / Goldin

In the mood for some Chow Fun and in Manhattan there's only one place to go...
CHINA TOWN. I love running around this neighborhood. Yep, it's the place where I've gotten beaten at Tic-Tac-Toe by a chicken more times than I'd like to admit. The chicken's gone but not forgotten, so to pay homage to this game master I head to Big Wong's on Mott St. This place hasn't changed in years. This is the first time I took my kid's, " stop using the chopsticks like drumsticks! "
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