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Haystacks Calhoun

JULY 21, 2008
The Barefoot Hillbilly
Haystacks Calhoun was a GIANT!  Always wearing his bib overalls and trademark good-luck horseshoe hanging from a chain around his neck. Haystacks was 625 lbs and over six and a half feet tall. The barefoot hillbilly, raised on a farm in Arkansas went on to become one of the most popular wrestlers in the 1960s.

When I was a kid I saw him a few times on a grainy Black and White TV.
The other night at a party I met someone who was friends with his driver.
He told this story:
1425 lbs. of fun on wheels.
Haystacks led a nomadic life traveling for years to different wrestling gigs. His driver sat behind the wheel of the station wagon. He weighed 350 lbs. Behind him sat Mrs. Haystacks Calhoun. She weighed 450 lbs. and took up the WHOLE back seat. Haystacks himself would sit or lay in the rear of the car. One evening they drove to an " All you can Eat Buffet ".
Mmmmmm..... All you can eat Buffet!
I don't know how much the driver and the Mrs. ate, but I imagine they made a dent in the buffet.
That night Haystacks ate thirty chickens and perhaps plenty of fixins.
When the meal was over they were given the complimentary dessert - a Dixie cup with Ice Cream.
I scream, you scream, we all scream, for Ice Cream!
Haystacks asked for seconds of dessert and was told he'd have to pay for it.
So he asked for ten more chickens...   
...Haystacks got his ice cream!
Haystacks Calhoun swinging his chain.
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