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Farewell to Luigi: The Drawings (No. 1)

Farewell to Luigi, an Exemplary Pussycat
 Friday, October 13, 2017: I lost my eldest pussycat today. He began having seizures around 11am and I rushed him to the vet. I made the dreaded, but inevitable decision to end his life. He was about a year old when he showed up on our front porch in Rhinebeck and he has been a part of my life for 17 years. Luigi has been in failing health for a few months and has been deaf and nearly blind for most of this year. He was losing strength in his hind legs and it became necessary to take him to the vet for fluid infusions twice weekly because, even though he was drinking lots of water, he was dehydrated. He was eating modest amounts of food, but he kept losing weight. He weighed less than four pounds at the end. The vet said the seizures were probably due to an electrolyte imbalance. The seizures abated after I arrived at the animal hospital, but he began convulsing as I held him while talking to the vet about whether or not to put him down. Life brings us surprises, happy and sad ones.
 My dear pal, Will Osborne, came over shortly after I returned from the vet and we buried my sweet boy in a lovely spot on a hill above his property just outside of Great Barrington. We placed a large stone on his grave to mark the spot. We opened a rare bottle of Zebulon ale, created my son-in-law, Mike Karnowski, and raised a glass to my old feline friend. The next day, Will placed flowers on his rustic headstone. Rest in peace, sweet Luigi.

Death at the Circus Drawings (Continued)

Hello, my Drawger Friends
I've been mucking about for a while now, trying out and abandoning a variety of drawing themes (perhaps because I've been an illustrator for so many years, I find it necessary to work with a theme to jumpstart my imagination), but I keep returning to my Death at the Circus series. Just when I think I can no longer find inspiration in the topic, I am drawn back into the mysteries of life and death. I'm not sure how long my interest in the Circus will last, but I've decided to once again share favorite drawings here on Drawger on a regular basis. I've always found some comfort in posting my work and my thoughts on Drawger, so it's my intention to do so regularly. You have been warned. -Elwood

2006 Holiday Card Revisited & Revised
This is one of my favorite holiday cards, which I created in 2006, a full 10 years ago. So much water has flowed under my bridge since then. And, now, with Trump dumping his dreadfulness all over the nation, this card seems particularly appropriate as we wander from a crazy 2016 into a potentially crazier 2017. Still, I wish all my Drawger friends a great New Year, wishing you all good health, good friendships and good beer!

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