Jody Hewgill
December 2009
My First Blog
I am so thrilled to be invited to be part of Drawger. It's a great community full of so many talented illustrators, many of whom I have already met at various industry events over the years. This picture making business is a lonely labour of love, so it's really nice to be part of this community that shares its' process, studio photos, rants and raves.

My first blog is  about the development of one of my recent illustrations in Rolling Stone for art director Steven Charny. I get asked to do a lot of portraits, which I find interesting  because I never intended to become a portrait artist, I think my first portrait was of Andrea Bocelli for the Grammies ( a.d. Nikki Poulos ) . One of the things I like about this business is that you never know where one assignment will lead you to next.

Steven asked me to create an illustration for the release of Rihanna's new cd " Rated R ". The deadline's short , there's was no story to read, only 2 songs released online to listen to and only 1 video to view. The video , and a few selected photos, all depicted Rihanna as a reincarnated Grace Jones, tough, edgy, and with a few S & M accessories. Steve and I concurred that the makeover seemed very artificial,  forced, and not believable. One of my sketches buys into the façade and here I decided to reference Betty Page. My other idea was to play off the black draping hood that she wears in the video, and turn her into a sort of little red ridding hood lost in the woods.  A short while after I sent these sketches, Steve called me with a dilemma...he needed me to add in Chris Brown because they just discovered that his new cd would also be for release around the same time as hers. Fortunately, the LRRH sketch & the forrest scene seemed an appropriate place to fit him in, otherwise I would have had to come up with another idea. Steve provided me with photos of Brown's court ordered community service. My only frustration was that his orange safety vest was going to interfere with my chosen color palette. hee-hee.

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