Steve Wacksman
September 2006
Stockholm, Mi Amore
People in Sweden travel primarily by hot-air baloon.
I'm just back at the helm after a few days in Stockholm. And there's a ton of stupid crap nipping at my ankles; the monthly job that I'm too lame to hit up for more money, the sketch that's due TWO WEEKS before the finish, the ongoing book project that's been hanging around my neck like a goddamn ten-pound goiter. And jetlag.
So I nip on over here to see what you scalawags are getting up to while I'm not around to check up on you and I find that so much has happened that I'm damn near out of the loop. A peek into the speakeasy finds it's nearly doubled in content in the last week! Illustration Mundo? RSS feeds? Annuals?
Look here, people: When I'm away I expect you spend your 'free time' weeping and composing poems and prose celebrating me. WTF?

Seriously, though; thanks to the people of Stockholm, Sweden for being so cool and good-looking. What a town!
A "Delusional System" Is Born!
Dragging out the brushes after 10 years of 'pixel pushing'.
"The distress of chaos followed by the establishment of a new order is a typical course of events which takes place in all creative activity, whether in the arts or the sciences. This Eureka pattern is also characteristic of religious revelation and the delusional systems of people we label insane".

 -Anthony Scott
Feet Of Clay: Saints, Sinners and Madmen: A Study Of Gurus
Leading Headlines
'I Have To Wash My Hair, Mr. President"
Sometimes an article's headline puts a real lock on your creativity. This was one such case: the article was about how candidates want GWB to fundraise for them, but due to his sagging poll numbers they don't wanna be seen with him. There were some geat examples of the excuses offered- a real laff-fest. But the article's headline?

'I Have To Wash My Hair, Mr. President"

How you gonna work around that one?

Anyhow, believe it or no this is my first crack ever at capturing the likeness of our fearless leader. He's pretty easy, too with those squinty eyes, chimplike ears and pointy upper lip.
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