Steve Wacksman
June 2009
Restructuring Our Online Presence
That was the directive hended down to our IT department from our VP of Marketing. It seems today's consumer expects a business to make their wares available for inspection via the World Wide Web. This trend has built up a good head of steam; our financial advisor suggests that we close our 2500 square foot 5th Ave showroom and allow our 'website' to be our sole link to our customer.

While we're not sure we're ready to go that route, we are not ones to turn our noses up at innovative new marketing techniques, With that, we present to you our new although not radically improved new website.

Above is our former homepage. It showcases both our obsolete 'vector graphic' style and our business name, House O' Wax. While the domain remains we feel that we as a company have grown in sophistication and that the cheekiness of the HO'W brand is no longer relevant. It's likely that we'll keep the domain, however, as we've had it for years and are generally disinclined to trouble ourselves with finding a new one.

Note the typeface, one that we developed and retained for our newest incarnation.

This entry goes back a few years. Again, note the proud showcasing of the House O' Wax brand and the bold vector artwork. This site has the distintion of being the last for which we employed an outside concern. It is replete with both bells and whistles and utilizes what I'm told is "Flash" technology allowing for interactive animations. While it is impressive in it's scope, we found the experience to be distracting and alienating to some of our less tech-savvy visitors. It has been preserved for observation and can be viewed by the curious by clicking here.

I hpe you've enjoyed your visit and found it informative. Of course, you are always welcome to stop by our gleaming and spacious 5th Ave showroom for a first hand look at our product and a complimentary Champagne cocktail*.

* With purchase.

Deep Six'd
This one was a commish from a small publisher -  a book of poetry by a 'new, gritty voice' on the poetry scene. Do what you will, they said - some central themes of the poet's work are disillusionment and nostalgia. Rock- N -Roll is a current that runs through the work as well.

I felt as if I covered all the bases, but when the final was in the publisher got cold feet. I suspect the author wasn't pleased, but this was neither confirmed nor denied. And so it goes.
If anyone is publishing a book for which this would be appropriate as cover art, I'm letting it go on the cheap.

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