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Simple Myths

NOVEMBER 18, 2010
So who knew if you rubbed a coin on metal it would stay in the ticket machine without popping out of the coin return again and again. Not true of course but this was one myth of four that needed illustrating-sort of. Got a call from Men's Health Germany to illustrate these. My first take was to do a sequential piece, showing the coing going into machine, popping out, being rubbed and so on. I was pleasantly surprised when Grit, the art director, expressed in very good but slightly confusing English that they wanted the illustrations to be more about experiments disproving or proving these myths. So, that's what I did.
This was full page-rest were 1/4 pagers

If you tap a can of soda it won't explode-yah right!

Blowing on soup will cool it off.

sucking on cut finger will stop the bleeding and prevent infection-really?

One of my first takes.

Might as well piggy back on here to say I got three pieces in the SOI this year, two in uncommisioned and one in editorial. The pieces are digital but I'm planning to re do them as screen prints.
Thanks to any of you viewers who may have pressed the correct key in my favor.