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Here's a piece I did last week for the weekend Wall Street Journal. I didn't pick up the paper but I believe it was a large section cover. This kind of stuff is pretty easy for me however I am now more than usual trying to take a close look at what I do and how I do it. Meaning how I come to concepts, what I present to art directors, and whether I feel challenged or not.
I'm pretty sure the teaching is helping me to reflect on all this. I have to believe what I'm telling these kids, and so in effect I try to be honest with myself, constantly reevaluating my solutions. I also do a keynote for them every week and so do a lot of reference searching which opens my eyes to new things, or re-opens them.
I've also been going back over 5 years of work and compiling what I want to re-sell as stock, yah I know we all have different views on stock , not sure where I stand entirely, but I have a kid nearing college and one in a private middle school. Looking back on all these images, 500 and counting, the ones I'm offering as stock are mostly tech and money related. I had to ask myself, is all my work financial and technical? Maybe 40tech, 40 financial, and 20 other more specific subject, op-ed political etc. I like the work but clearly there is room for me to branch out, areas I want to explore.
There are a few images from recent weeks that I want to show because they mark a departure of sorts from what I usually do, at least I think they do. I'll be able to post them soon.

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