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Hey, well a second post from me within a week. JD had noticed this piece I did for the Times, and asked if I had posted it, so here it is. One of those technical pieces that I often get, though this one had a bit to do with how audiophiles are being won over to the i-pod. I kind of see it as sad, all that old hi-fi stuff was so great. I remember my dad's system taking up the whole living room, reel to reel, big receiver, turntable, album jackets scattered around. Sitting down and actually listening to music, wow, when was the last time I did that?
Threw a recent op-ed piece in here. Again, a call from Brian is always welcome. This was a piece on Obama's failure to win over the African American vote. The article raised concerns by black voters that he didn't share a common history, civil rights struggle and on back into that wicked history. I was hoping it would be silhouetted large on the page but ran small and didn't have the impact that I'd hoped.
The finished op-ed piece

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