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July 2008
On The Road
My transportation
Are there any Drawgers in Quebec? I'm heading up there on Tuesday for some bike touring, and maybe some remote studio work.
Gotta keep my studio dry.
I hope to record the trip in my sketchbook, something I rarely do so we'll see how that works. If I'm happy with the sketchbook I'll be sure to post some pages here when I return.
Going Mobile
On The Road
My transportation + Air Canada and maybe Amtrak or ViaRail. Amtrak sucks.
Are there any Drawgers in Quebec? I'm heading up there next week for a bike tour on The Route Verte.

the bike blog
Gotta keep my studio dry.
Link to the bike blog.
Domestic Bliss
Gone Fishing-sort of.
left side
Okay, thought I should fill out the NYT Sunday show here, with Paul and Stephen on the covers of my favorite sections. I was all by my lonesome on the op-ed page. Oh but boy what a space Brian gave me this time. Did the sketch Thursday, got approval and worked a bit towards final. There was no time for different roughs here, Brian pretty much knew what he needed and we had a lot of detail in mind. Went fishing out on the Chesapeake Bay at 4am Friday with my son and some friends, already scheduled, the raced back to my studio to finish by 5pm Friday. There were 8 articles dealing with gas prices etc.
right side
My boy and the first fish caught
My first. Yummy too.
What me worry about a deadline in a few hours?
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