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August 2008
Bicycling on paper
The final
Ran back to Baltimore and to my studio after a few days cycling, too many e-mails with lucrative and fun jobs coming in. Too much to handle on the road and put in 90 miles to the next hotel.
This is a recent piece I did for Bicycling Mag. I'm still trying to figure out how to work people into my stuff. I'm more comfortable with mechanics, buildings, wires, circuit boards etc.
The figure was based on a pic of me as reference, hence the thick neck and trunk that you would never find on a real cyclist.  David Speranza is great to work with, it's been my experience with Bicycling that they just let you do your thing.

The subject was about breaking out of your HR zone.
Another idea
A few icon ideas showing levels of perceived exertion. Killed.
Image of me as reference. The shot was taken one morning by a Sun photographer out scouting shots for the city parks promotion campaign. I don't condone riding without a helmet, closed loop, no cars and very few peds. I like the feel of wind on my dome.
On the Road.2
My rig before ditching the camping gear. Like throwing everything overboard on a sinking ship. My laptop weighs a ton and there's no place to camp, and I need to work some in hotels, so back it went.
A quick report from the road. I'm biking my way across Quebec with laptop in tow. Rode from Quebec City to Montreal in two days, 95 + each day. Heading south today after doing a bit of work and touring the Montreal waterfront.
Creepy but cool Jesus thing I saw along the road.
A very nice Quebec-y family who saved my ass as I was heading into a fire and brimstone type thunderstorm. We had coffee, talked politics, Fords, baseball and what an asshole Dick Cheney is. Great people.
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