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October 2008
The good Mother
After reading Brodner's post celebrating Tim Luddy and the mother ship of powerful unbridaled illustration, Mother Jones, thought I'd post a few pre Drawger pieces I did for MJ in 06. Perhaps a few of you can post yours as well.
This wasn't assigned by Tim but an a.d that is no longer at MJ. I feel terrible for not recalling and will surely update this post when my brain kicks in this a.m. This was their 30th year anniversary issue and I was given this great opportunity of doing several half pagers, all political, a dream. Especially since I am typecast as the technology and business guy.
I got this call just a couple weeks after I lost my mother. I wasn't taking any jobs, but this wasn't about 401ks or building a better server. I had been so disillusioned and angry since 00 and worse after 04, and was in a particularly angry and dark place after my loss.
I think this is reflected in some of these. The subject are foreclosure, the border, etc. I think most are self explanatory.
I am now hopeful.
GOP infighting
The many issues that he GOP should be called on, but aren't were not.
foreclosure. Wow, really?
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