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January 2010
Poster Work
This is a poster that I recently completed for Public Works, a sort of umbrella organization encompassing just about every discipline necessary to keep our world humming along. I got the call from Jon Dilley, the creative director, super easy to work with, just a few important revisions and I was on my way. I was given a list in the beginning, a long list, of what needed to be included, things like snow removal, tree trimming, sewage treatment, etc. Nobody could be left out. A great assignment for me as I have always had this interest and fascination with what we rely on in a civilized world, and how very fragile it all is. For example, the water mains were bursting in Baltimore just about every day during the recent deep freeze and we have blackouts quite regularly as we are no doubt using some outdated relay station or some such. The idea that my son charges his i-pod with power from miles away and powered by coal, a very old and dirty technology, seems so very odd. Coal fired i-pod. Last night I was watching a documentary on the infrastrusture of NYC, something I could just sit and think about forever, it really is hard to comprehend what lies beneath the streets there.

Jon does this poster every year and sent me a few samples of past editions, among which was Doug Fraser, a dynamite piece, a tough act to follow, hope he doesn't mind me sharing. There were other great examples including Gordon Studer.

BTW-The printing job was phenomenal, opened the package and it just blew me away.

My five year old assistant helping me find a place to sign as I need to sign 50 prints. He's adding his own personal embellishments.
Just Bull
I feel like I need to post something as it's been a while and looking at everything I've done in the last month of the year this is pretty much what I'm most happy with, and of course it was done for Soojin. Our favorite art director had some time ago given me clearance to post before publish so Zimm don't black list me. If I have one goal for 2010 it's to try and do good work within the parameters of taking (or getting) enough work to make a living. There are just some publications where it's impossible to do something different, risky, engaging, or otherwise arresting, and who can turn down 2K + budgets? Not me. So, I steel myself for the many battles that loom.

The direction for this piece was "grab the bull by the horns" something like that. The bull is so over used in these business/Wall St. stories soI just wanted to do something visually interesting, no strong concept, and of course Soojin picked the version that I wanted to complete.
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