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May 2010
Op Ed and the new studio
Here's something I banged out yesterday for the Op Ed page. Thanks for the call Aviva. I was beggining to think all I was going to get was letters pieces. This was financial stuff, how the impending financial crisis from government bailouts, lending practices, and the like, will not be a problem for our children or grandchildren but rather right now, a problem in our laps. I did a couple of roughs, this one fit the (limited) space the best.
Also throwing some pics of my mess of a studio. Back in March or so I began tearing down walls and such, had a plumber run some lines, etc. I've done everything else, electric, framing, blown in foam insulation. I'm so done with this type of work, have spent many years fixing up my houses, have given it up a few times but I'm pretty sure this is my swan song. Getting too old to be down on my knees, crouching, stooping, making repeated trips to Home Depot and the dump. Too many better things to be doing with my time, like work and play. I will still of course be called on to say replace a light fixture or mend a gutter, but that's easy.

All my stuff crammed into a corner as I complete the rest of the space.

that ladder has probably been in the garage since 1926, being replaced with actual open stairs.

Looking from loft to back of studio. that half has been done since 2002 or so. Good light in the afternoon.

Looking out the front from the loft. I say loft but the ceiling is like 4.5 feet high. I'm putting a futon up there-and maybe an x-box. As if I would have time for that.

water heater and storage. That's a metal track from my vacated studio downtown. Flat panel will slide back and forth, just birch plywood.

The only way in and out.

You can see how the workspace is under the loft. door to right is the bathroom. Main reason for this, coffeee advancing age = more trips to the house.

more of the loft

ahh the mess. That access door was done in the 2002 project. It hides the breaker panel which I installed. Need to get in there and add a few 20 amp breakers for the fridge (emulsion),microwave, water heater. Never run a micro on a 15 amp circuit.

Of Late
I've been in this big mess of remodeling my studio for the past few months. It will be really nice when it is done but the job has certainly taken a good bit of my time and has compromised my focus on work. I'm posting a smattering of jobs done over the past month, like some of you, I won't post just anything, there is plenty that should go right to the trash. Most of these jobs are pretty much par for the course on what I get day in and day out, the challenge is to remain excited, solve problems, get the job done, go to lunch.
This was done for Marianne Seregi at the Washington Post. She was super to work for. It didn't really start as an infographic type of format but worked out that way, and I'm happy with the results.
A few roughs for that piece.
The electric meter was done for the Wall St Journal. This was done for Orlie Kraus and Larissa Oprysko, great to work for. I know I'm the tech guy, need an electric meter-call Harry-I don't mind.
I do a somewhat regular column for the NYT Home section. Again, it's usually some sort of technical or how to piece. The trick is to take an article on what type of range to choose and "try" to make something of it. I actually enjoy that challenge-with mixed results. I work for Len McCreary over there. This is one of those jobs where I get an e-mail, I send a few roughs, they pick one, and I finish. No BS just do the job, no arbitrary direction coming from the editors. I love the NYT for that-professionalism.
Did a few for Bicycling Magazine. I'm not thrilled with how they came out, no fault of David Speranza, he approved everything and was super easy and cool to work with. We even talked about getting paid with bike, didn't have my size. This was a job where I was working in my bedroom as my studio was torn apart, so I chalk my unhappiness with the finals to my state of distraction. Out of four illustrations this is the only one I liked. Hope they call me back.
Piece for the B Globe. I don't think I'm alone when I say I get the same call for the same subject over and over. Sometimes it's a challenge not to just pull out one I did a few months back and submit it. I of course am guilty of cannibalizing my own work from time to time. But not here. Done for Grant Staublin, very easy to work with.
Did a couple of annual reports recently, something I don't think I have ever done before. I have of cours gotten corporate work but I think illustrated annual reports are kind of rare now-are they? Anyway, they were both really great jobs to work on. I was giving them what they asked for so no real surprises but the clients were happy. One was for Aegis Insurance and the other for Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Aegis was done for Bob Vitale at SVP Partners, great guy to work with, easy to talk to and all professional. The A.D. on the bank job was Brian Ebert. Both jobs went off without a hitch, unheard of. Just a couple of the images here.
Fed Bank
Fed Bank
A few from my ongoing TIME mag economic column. Time like the NYT is all business, no nonsense, send some solutions, pick one, get it done.
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