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August 2010

Got a call from the LA Times to do a section cover on the upcoming Emmy awards.
The direction was pretty open, just show something to do with the Emmys. First thought was the statue but have never liked drawing those things, Emmy, Oscar, with their sort of half melted detail. I though that since I was trying to experiment with figures that I would do the Emmy as a real woman. Did a couple other ideas but glad they went with this.
An Moonen was the art director on this and super easy to work with.

Another option. Didn't really want to just do the statuette so..

The Nokia theatre is a pretty cool building, would have been fun to go in this direction.

Recent Stuff
Another of my updates on recent work. These were all done within the past few weeks and published. I think August is becoming that month where the inbox is often empty and the phone isnt ringing. I suppose thats as it should be, a traditional vacation month as in Europe. I did have a few jobs and now  that August is closing my desk is full, which makes me less anxious and grumpy.
This is a full page done for Cincinnati Magazine on a local bike co-op. Bike co ops are generally places where people can build up bikes to use for commuting, errands and just living by bike. They really help to get bikes to the less fortunate parts of our cities.

Done for Charles Brucalieri at Forbes,always great to work with. I used to get so much work from Forbes so it was good to hear from them again.
This full page was done for one of the Pace Magazines, article on keeping talent.

I added this second version because wasnt sure about the green leaf on the carrot, crazy what I agonize over. I wanted to just keep the orange of carrot as the only real color, client asked for the green. I don't think it ruins the piece but would be curious to see what others think.

Did this one while sitting at a Starbucks on Marcos Island FLA. Was done for one of the Hanley Woods mags, article on promoting your const. company via youtube.

Girl in the water
Every once in a while I try to break out of the circuit boards and gadgets and do something different...and what's further from circuit boards than the female form?
This is a very different piece for me. I posted another female figure about a year ago, handled differently.  I enjoyed that one as I did this one but not sure if they will be in my portfolio until I feel confident that they work at that I would be able to do similar work if called upon.
With my everyday work I tend to just start drawing directly in vector, maybe do some thumbnails just for ideas but I don't scan them. With the figurative work I do a very rough sketch, scan it, and it gives me a start. I've been giving a lot of thought to trying to mix more natural shapes in with my more rigid line, this may be a way, something between this and the other.
I think she's very pretty but the face may be too Disney-esque-Fantasia- not as realistic as I would like. Again, all new territory for me.
work in progress


That other piece I did. I think she lacks a face because I'm not sure how to tackle it. I need Leo's help.

very rough sketch

Summer aint for working
This is one of those posts where I try to round up a few pieces that I've done recently and feel worthy of posting. I've been out of the studio a bit this summer, first with my son Evan on a bike trip to Holland then a very fun longish weekend in the Adirondacks. One more week planned for the beach, but I'll be working. Someday I would like to go somewhere for the whole summer, some work, some play. Anybody have a summer house they want to rent me for next year?
Anyway, these are from the past few months, obviously not all my work but stuff I thought was kind of interesting.
Image for Soojin. If I could get a job from Soojin every day I would be perfectly happy, seriously all my winning stuff and most interesting stuff is done for her. We all know why. Direction on this was "a plan"

Image for PC World. Another example of taking a very tech heavy article and just trying to do something apart from it as well as connected. Make sense?

This was the clients concept but I was okay with it. Keeping an eye on employees data usage, something like that.

Music and technology article for Boston Magazine.

Internet privacy stuff

More of that.

NYT Letters piece. Freezing SS to raise revenue, something like that.

NYT op ed piece on yes, health care coverage for all.

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