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September 2010
Almost Ran

Did this piece on Thursday and Friday, roughs on Thurs, final by 2 on Friday to go to press on Friday for weekend edition. A super rush for the WSJ, actually that timeframe wouldn't seem so tight but the detail on this was pretty involved even though I stole some imagery from the vaults. I also had a NYT op-ed piece going at same time for Monday's paper.
Anyway, I usually don't run out and get the paper to see my stuff, but this one was supposed to be 12" wide on the cover, a story on inventors, so I was curious.Not sure what happened last minute but my piece was not to be found. Not like I really get upset when a piece doesn't run, you just get used to that, happens, usually due to word count, editorial whim, whatever.
Anyway, the WSj had some nice pieces nonetheless, including Brian Rea and Brian Stauffer, Mark Matcho, etc- Nice work boys.
another option. Getting tired of hands but they seemed to suit the subject and would have been good done large.
another option-detail would have been played up as in final.

Just in case anybody is wondering about whether my mechanical objects are traced or taken from other drawings. Generally not, I just start drawing. I do look at reference like vaccum tubes, things like that. During this project I was thinking I need to start gathering a bin of junk to pull from. I do love exploded views of ordinary objects. Here's one of my favorites.

Bread and Butter and Hair
Okay, following a Sockwell post is risky, but here goes, maybe I'll get some ancillary traffic. Been playing around a bit lately. Difficult for me to work on anything that isn't assigned, just the way I am, may be from having full time jobs for so many years and being task oriented. This is a piece that started as a rough for recent cover assignment. I'll post the final chosen piece once the mag is published.
I presented four roughs for this assignment, all well received. This is one that I chose to play with a bit more.

Another cover rough that I may work up into a final.

I wasnt thrilled with this one, didn't have much to hold my interest

I used to spend a lot of time doing brush work, meaning inking, small brush with ink or a Staedtler marker brush. Took a lot of years to develop a good hand. I miss it and this hair thing is just a little experiment in trying to get back to the brush work and somehow work it into my vector work.
May be just SLIGHTLY Yuko inspired!!

Is the Grey Lady a Prude?

Recently did this illustration for the NYTimes travel section. The article was on the new x ray machines being installed in airports, the kind that can see your business and everything else. The article had two main points, first being the privacy issue as you can clearly see physical features, secondly there is a question of how much radiation we would be exposed to. My choice would have been the image of the woman with hands over crotch, knowing from past experience that this was a long shot. I love working for the Times but have on more than one ocassion rubbed up against their seemingly safe and prudish approach to the subject of sex. Way back when Steve Guarnaccia was a.d. at the op ed page I did a piece on objectifying  women, recent shows like the Swan where they make all women basically look the same, like dolls. I did a naked barbie doll with bar code, something like that. Well, I added nipples to the doll to kind of push the sex issue. They had me remove the nipples and put the doll in a running suit. WTF? article is about sex not running.

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