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Bread and Butter and Hair

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010
Okay, following a Sockwell post is risky, but here goes, maybe I'll get some ancillary traffic. Been playing around a bit lately. Difficult for me to work on anything that isn't assigned, just the way I am, may be from having full time jobs for so many years and being task oriented. This is a piece that started as a rough for recent cover assignment. I'll post the final chosen piece once the mag is published.
I presented four roughs for this assignment, all well received. This is one that I chose to play with a bit more.

Another cover rough that I may work up into a final.

I wasnt thrilled with this one, didn't have much to hold my interest

I used to spend a lot of time doing brush work, meaning inking, small brush with ink or a Staedtler marker brush. Took a lot of years to develop a good hand. I miss it and this hair thing is just a little experiment in trying to get back to the brush work and somehow work it into my vector work.
May be just SLIGHTLY Yuko inspired!!

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