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Ebola is a real thing

OCTOBER 24, 2014
To follow up on Leo's post. Here in the states the Ebola outbreak is simply a media sensation-if you take a look at some of the pictures and read some of the reports from Africa-it's quite real, terrifying, and difficult for us to comprehend such misery. Thanks to fellow illustrator Otto Steininger for putting this together- Art Against Ebola

This is a campaign to raise funds for Last Mile Health, a frontline health organization in Liberia that trains local health workers in rural areas where medical coverage is scant.
Liberia is among the countries most gravely affected by the Ebola virus, which is killing thousands of people and devastating fragile health systems and economies in its wake.The UN Security Council declared Ebola a "threat to peace and security". If it isn't contained quickly it will spread exponentially and turn into a global health crisis.

More info here-ART AGAINST EBOLA.

HOW IT WORKS: You buy a print and the money goes to fighting this crap where it's really a terrifying reality, and I mean terrifying.
Please visit
This is the image you will receive if buying my print. I do not have a printer that is capable of doing a really nice print. But if you pay enough I'll be happy to get fine Giclee prints on bamboo paper-maybe we can make that happen for a $100 donation. I'll have to check with Otto to see how this works. I will of course sign it.
My process-we were asked to illustrate a snake head that would be cut off of a larger snake. I didn't want to just do a snake head as I thought they would all begin to look the same, so I ditched the eyes and scales, made it a bit more decorative, possibly implying virus, creeping sickness.