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DECEMBER 12, 2014
Circuit boards, wires,structure and angles, precision and seemingly isometric. A lot of my work is that, mecahnical, technical, but I have also made small forays into more organic work, trying to feel out what feels right. I often use hands in my work, lots and lots of hands, simple my way of adding a human element to a composition, someone is doing something. It aslo may be because I like hands, I like working with my hands, just think about hands for a minute, expression, mood, articulation, pinkies and thumbs, simple expressions of the hand. Faces and figures on teh other hand can send so many messages with expression and gesture, that's a lot to put in an illustration-at least for me. I have some god awful attempst at figurative work out there, usually the result of a stubborn editor demanding it, like put some old people in there, ethnic diversity etc. It always feels wrong- weird. Sometimes I do these blocky lego like people, seems right for vector line, other times I do what I really want to do and that's a full expression of real figures.
Zimm was kind enough to ask me to contribute a poster for the 2014 Drawger Annual. I dredged my files and found this unfinished drawing of a woman. This was play-and I was happy to finish it off. Clearly heavily influenced by Aubrey Beardsley and a few others. I love stark contrast, clean line and solid blacks. I have a lot to learn and hopefully a couple more decades to explore these things. I imagine a whole book of these mysterious characters, a story perhaps.
No model was used in either piece and that probably explains the possibly bizarre proportions-as in the earlier female figure below-done about four years ago. I really should begin going to the MICA life drawing sessions, something I haven't done in so long. Just drawing figures in space.