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Years and years

DECEMBER 16, 2015
I got an e mail yesterday from the great and powerful Zimm inviting entries for teh 2015 Drawger annual. Hopefully got mine in under the wire. As I was trying to recall my password it occured to me that I joined Drawger back in 2006, or I was invited rather. I can say without any exageration that I've met more than a few of my illustrator friends through Drawger-or at least was more in touch with them and what they were doing. So-it's been too long. Here are a few recent pieces.
Recent piece for the New Yorker. We struggled with this one a bit-they asked that I make the hand into more of a reaching posture. I wanted the hand to be almost dead and calm-new life just budding within. We then tried it on white for a less death like vibe-looked okay but black was clearly realized to be the way to go.
A few sketches for that assignment. This was to accompany a review of a book entitled The Death of Cancer. I wanted this to be personal, as quiet and simple as possible. So may misconceptions surrounding cancer and cancer diagnosis, just the word is fully loaded with pre conceived ideas for the reader.
I put this in because it's also for the New Yorker-but is maybe an approach or a subject that I am know to do. On the idea of the cloud and how we now use it as a way to describe something that is really a bunch of machines-but we like the cloud image because it's nice and soft. There were references to a childs view in the article.
This image was done for the New York Times op ed page. Jimmy Carter wrote the piece. For me to be able to have that kind of proximity to such an intelligent and enlightened human-is worth more than any award.
These two were also done for the NYT Op ed. The piece was on Europe after the Paris attacks, pondering what to do. The dove wasn't selected but my idea was simply that peace is dead.
These were my sketches for that piece.
This was done for Scientific American. Neuroplasticity. A very technical piece but talks of how the brain adapts but also how most everything we are is developed in early childhood. It's just a rubber band ball.