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Recent non blacked out work

APRIL 14, 2009
Newsweek-Dan Revitte
Newsweek-Dan Revitte
American Prospect-Mary Parsons
Men's magazine
Billboard-Christine Bower
Canadian Business-Tim Davin
More icon roughs for Men's Mag-They didn't like my first group at all and that's all I'll say about that.
PC World-Beth Kamaroff
Tufts-Betsy Hayes

Recent work.

Haven't posted in a while so like a few recent posts here is a smattering of recent day to day work. I'm still bracing for the downturn but have been pretty fortunate for the first few months of 09 to remain busy. I do however sense a slowing now but have a sizeable commercial job to keep me busy. I'm honestly looking forward to a lighter workload as I really need to break out a bit.

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