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Rant #1

MAY 8, 2009
It's really not this green.
This was something I intended to post a few weeks back. I was getting really upset with art directors who were letting editors run rough shod all over the creative process. Many of you would agree that some of the things we like to hear the least are "Looks good, let me show the editors" or "I'll get right back to you with the editors feedback". Don't get me wrong, editors have quite a responsibility but what's the point of even having an art director if all they are doing is acting as a conduit for the whims of the editors, who more often than not are sort of literal leaning in their visual sense. At the very least the art director should be an advocate for the illustrator and not just roll over when the editors flex. It's been my experience that the good art directors have the balls to stand up to editors and others. Sometimes I need to push the art director back into the editors office by simply refusing to follow some ambiguous, arbitrary, and again usually trite and literal direction that comes from there. I used to have a sort of cartoony style that I didn't love but lived with. I let art directors and editors push me all over the place and pretty much did what they asked until I had no love at all for what I was doing. When I began working in my new more honest style just about four or five years ago I was so happy and excited again, kind of like way back when work was always just for yourself and you couldn't wait to get back to a piece. I swore not to let myself get derailed by the bad ideas of others, the pursuit of pay at all costs etc. Well, I have sold out more times than I care to recall, as I'm sure we all have, you get tired of fighting, you just want to get the job done and move on. Well I welcome the slowdown that is forming now to refocus, rally the troops, generate new fresh good work and re commit to not letting the work get away from me. The sample above is of course for one of the ADs that the above does not apply.

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