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I spend too much time on Facebook, there is lots there that I am interested in, such as posts from friends showing me things that inspire, or hearing about career or personal milestones. But a lot of mundane crap as well, some well meaning I suppose- and I guess I'm guilty of a cute kid post now and again, but lots of plain old waste of time nonsense.
I see lots of illustrator friends on FB and I comment on your posts there. Drawger however can be and is a much more indepth format for what we do, such as Tim Obrien's and Yuko's long and well thought out posts on process-that stuff takes time. I know many link the Drawger posts to FB but it would be great if somehow the FB posts were added to the comments here, a two way street...Zimm? Many have said that Drawger needs a LIKE button or similar, I agree. I think we all like an deserve thoughtful responses but cumullatively there is just so much we are bombarded with. I need time, I want to work on new ideas, play with animated illustration, Bicycling had a great little animated spread for the i-pad version this past month. But when the paying work is done, I have no energy. So I guess this rant is simply about time and energy, not enough of either and social media is a time suck.
Let me add that my wife Melissa is now my assistant, does all my job sheets and billing, contracts and w-9s, without her I'd be sunk. Thanks M! And she loathes FB.
Now here's some recent stuff.
Recent piece for the New Yorker. Terrible history but I want more work like this.
Here are the series of roughs I did for the New Yorker piece. This was a book review of HHhH, which focus on a real motherfucker of a Nazi, the Blonde Beast I think he was called among other things, Reinhard Heydrich First off it felt odd to be drawing a swastika-though I guess that shape is strangely enticing and suits my drawing style and mechanical approach quite well. I enjoyed the typographic approach of C and G. I wanted to do something really nasty with the portrait like just a mass of meat, perhaps later.
This was also done last week for the WSJ, article on refraining from giving your baby an online identity.
Curious Capitalist article on the tech industry replacing Wall street as the new industry to hate.
I've been doing a regular weekly to semi weekly piece for TIME mag going on a few years I think. It has gotten increasingly difficult to get ideas past the editor, but Andree Kahlmorgan is such a pro to work with and we get it done.
I put these sketches in to show how much needs to somehow be done to get to the final. Not sure I'm happy with the final choice, but that's the way it goes and I'm cool with that. The article is obviously about the political intrigue in China, but in the end the direction changed to China doing a U turn.
The final.

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