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March 2011
Today for the NYTimes

Here's an image I kicked out yesterday for the NYTimes today. I appreciate working for the Times but boy they must be in trouble, this piece offered a budget less than OP-ED. Now you fellow Times contributors know what that pays, and I suppose like me you really don't do it for the money. But when the Business section is paying pennies you know times are tough. With that said I am very optomistic of the new age of illustration and the i-pad. I also know some of you don't like to dwell on bad times or bad budgets but that just seems silly, it is what it is.
Fred Norgaard the A.D on this was very cool about it all. I told him I never compromised quality for price but staying on schedule is important. There was no way I could do a super detailed piece. Maybe the thing appeared in color in your city, Baltimore gets black and white. The piece is on what to keep and what to throw away as far as technology goes. Dos anybody still have a tower computer? I just got my i-pad about a month ago and can see how it changes everything, and I am beginning to get more requests for tweaking illustrations for the i-pad.

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