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August 2011
Summer work-time to get to work
An app that allows you to see within a bar before you venture out for the evening.
A few pieces from the jobs folder. These top two are for Christian Drury at the WSJ. The grouping below are weekly jobs for Kim Vu at the Washington Post, Andree at Time, and Jeffrey Cane at the New York Times. Just finished a piece for an art book for Chronicle and have a few jobs in house that I hope to break out with a bit. I'm feeling a need for rejuvenation, challenge. I took on an illustration class at MICA for the fall, always challenging but it helps me to analyze my own work a bit more, seek more inspiration, learn by teaching etc.
A mixologist app for the i-pad. I do not yet have an i-pad but getting one soon.
A mix of weekly stuff from the NYTimes, Wash Post, and Time Mag.
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