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It's been awhile since my last post here on Drawger. In short, my family and I did some downsizing, we sold the house, packed up the art studio, moved a garage full of tools, and migrated to a new house early Spring this year. We packed things up, threw things out, cleaned and sorted for days on end. Giving things away can be very time consuming, liberating, and painful all at the same time. My old studio was located in the basement of our old house (picture a New York loft with ample room to spare). On the contrary, my new studio will be located in a garage, albeit a garage that needs a radical renovation.
Anyway, in this new downsized, double-dip world I found something, that no matter where I'm at, helps me find my daily bearing.
I find my daily bearing by turning on my studio radio to my favorite station: WAMC. I discovered the radio station soon after moving to the Catskills in
2000, and I've been a loyal listener ever since.
WAMC covers a wide range of affairs, from topics like health, new books,  trends in publishing, media, copyright, computers, sports, and education, while also streaming the BBC news and other NPR productions. There is an astonishing amount of information that floats my way while I'm sketching and working on my illustration projects, and it's all commercial free.
About 3 times for 1 week, through the length of the year, the station runs a full force fundraiser program to cover its cost of broadcasting for the entire year. With the ongoing giant sucking noise in my wallet, and the guilt of not forwarding any funds, I felt compelled to do something for this wonderful radio station.  Last fundraiser, Alan Chartock, the founder of WAMC,  told the listeners a big tale of a guy trying to sell a huge batch of canaries that wouldn't sing. The tale is reminiscent of all the stories of false promises and crummy deals that are plaguing the country right now. So on a whim, I sketched out an idea for a t-shirt. A few weeks later I sent a layout proposal to WAMC, they loved the idea, and with the help of Somanyroadsprinting the T-shirt was printed and is now available for this week's fundraiser. If you are a listener, make a donation and ask for the new Singer/Dancer T-Shirt and you will be a well dressed, better informed insider.
My Wacom tablet tends to interfere with my radio; I started to stream the station via iTunes. With traffic increasing on the internet, I think it's a wise move to hold on to the radio for now. ( Picture me smiling)

Let it snow...

To all readers of Drawger and its members, here is this years digital Holiday Card.
NY Business Section
In the Haggler's article the the victims computer gets stuck at the Fedex office due to mislabeling by Dell.

Last spring I got a call from Fred Norgaard from the New York Times, he asked me if I would like to illustrate a consumer advocate column called "The Haggler" for the business section of the Times Sunday edition. So every 2 weeks Fred and I get into a friendly battle over the new Haggler image. The topics range from, crummy warranties, small print that you need a law degree to comperhend, absent customer service, contracts that can't be changed, and the list goes on.
Today's article talks about a law student who has to turn in her final exam papers and finds her self with a broken laptop. She sends it out to Dell and gets it back after a nightmarish ordeal that lasts two month. Many of these stories are about people trying to get in touch with a competent human from customer service who can resolve the issue ASAP. Waiting on hold has become the the modern day version of standing in line, here are a few variations.
After numerous phone calls and six consecutive radiator replacements, car makers inch closer to evoking the "Lemon Law."

American Airlines makes it nearly impossible to reclaim any refunds by simply ignoring phone calls.

No way out of this cell phone contract.

The Last Glint of Summer
The best vacation ever. How to plan your vacation, backed by science. The Boston Globe; AD Greg Klee

Just a short flash back to some Summer illustrations for the Boston Globe. I had a long post prepared about hidden words and hidden messages in my illustrations. Somehow, I just couldn't find the right words for the topic. So I put the article back in the tweak bin for now.
Mini golf is more attractive than events at theater and museum on Cape Cod; The Boston Globe, AD Dan Zedeck

I hid a secret shoutout in this section of the illustration to a fellow Drawger, who happens to reside in Cape Cod.

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