Christoph Hitz
A Manure Plan
Colorized Sketch
Last winter after cleaning out the stable I noticed some green plants peeking out from underneath a foot of snow. After a investigation with a pitch fork I found a bunch of weeds growing in midsts of winter with their roots cozy warmed by the composting wood shavings and horse manure. All summer long I have been eating from my garden that I started from seed for the first time this year. By early October I realized, I wasn't quite ready to give up my salad section of the garden. After a little research in my gardening books I found a cold frame solution with a  composting heat source. With a few left over bricks and an old glass door at hand, I dug out my raised bed filled it up withthe magic mix and toped it of with some fresh soil and built a rectangular cold frame on the top of it. The pond has frozen a few times, yet this has been one of the mildest winter so far.
I had plans to test the cold frame idea with at least a foot of snow.
In an eerie sense I feel lucky growing lettuce in January.
Welcome to my garden
Does this look like a nasty winter?
The salad bar
Scrumptious salad
Lucky me I found some delicious Illoz in my spice rack. It makes salad taste even better. ;)
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