Christoph Hitz
Beach Book.
Prior to leaving for a summer vacation, things got very busy at my studio.  On the top of it,  I had planted a large garden this spring and all the good stuff started to come in.  By the time DG's and Edel's party approached,
my head started to swell on one side and I ended up doing a nice root canal surgery.  In addition my clients have the uncanny ability to smell my plans to take off for a vacation.
Emmett & Deborah climbing the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk
I did pack the water colors, a sketch book and some pencils, thinking  I'd do some sketches at the beach, read a book and play in the surf. After arriving on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, we got tickets to see "The Lost Colony" an outdoor play  written by Pulitzer prize-winning playwright,  Paul Green. The play is now in it's 70th season, it is performed near the very site of the colonist's ill-fated settlement. The next day, I found the Islands book store and purchased 1491 by  Charles Mann. His book has been on my radar for some time.
For the next couple of days I devoured 1491 on the beach, while visiting the the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kitty Hawk, played with Emmett in the surf, ate grits and hush puppy's and trekked with my family to Ocracoke island for a fabulous lunch at the "Flying Melon".
Time tumbled shell fragments
1941 is superbly written. Charles Mann takes the most recent scientific revolutions  from the fields of climatology, epidemiology, genetics, botany, economics, soil science and paints a compelling picture of the Americas before Columbus. A must read for any progressive history buff.
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