Christoph Hitz
Do you procrastinate?
I did take these photos a few days prior to the crash. Apple replaced my harddrive under warranty, all my artwork was backedup, I lost some settings, bookmarks and time.
I did crash my hard drive on my laptop on Thanksgiving while showing some photographs to my photographer friend Roman. I also managed to procrastinate on an assignment for the WSJ
that was due the following Friday. Apple support was down to a skeleton crew and my hard drive started to make some funky noises that sounded  like mechanical failure. After a few attempts at accessing the hard drive by using utility CD's and keyboard short keys, I caved in.  In all these years I learnd how to add hard-drives, install expansion boards, upgrade modems etc.  At this point it was all useless knowledge for repairing this next generation of laptop. There was just no way I would get my MacBook going on time and make the deadline. Heck there was my old G3 tucked away on my side desk. Lucky me, I had done some maintenance work about two weeks ago and the machine was purring like a kitten. I set the alarm clock for 3 o'clock the next morning and hit the hay around midnight on Thanksgiving day. I inked the illustration, scanned it and finished around 7:00 am with plenty of time to spare. Darn, I hate when I procastinate, because on the rare occasion that I do, I usally end up  paying the price.
I had the sketches ready (no manuscript) in the beginning of the week. The story was about giving the kids an airplane ticket for a summer vacation...
I liked "C" the best "A lame self serving Santa"
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