Christoph Hitz
Totally Board
Over the years I've done less then ten jobs with illustrator. I used the application primarily to aid my work in photoshop. More recently I started learning the program more in depth, so when Rob Dunlavey posted the Salomon Snowboard competition I incorporated the challenge as learning exercise. I had fun, Thanks Rob.
Big Foot This one is about being the biggest animal on the slopes. I did do a few variations on this design at the end I placed the big foot prints on purpose where the binding is located to empower the boarder. Fable Animal I wanted to do a design for girls without the usual colors, it had to be cuddly but not too cute and I wanted to create a modern fable creature. It turned out to be a blend of a bush baby, meerkat, dragon, monkey and as i realized toward the end Spirou the cartoon character. The tropical look gives it a hot & cool aspect as soon as this board hits the slopes.
Carving Snake With this design I had teenagers like my son Emmett in mind. I wanted to emphasize where the boarder stands and illustrate what the board can do by creating a snake cartoon character. Snowboards make a more scruffy noise than skies, that notion prompted the scruffy dynamic look. Bloody Hell It's a macabre joke that will get peoples attention while lining up for the ski lift. Initially I didn't wanted to upload this idea until I got overruled by my family. They said it's 2008, anything goes.
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