Christoph Hitz
I finally found a way to recyle my old sourcebook pages...
I arrived in Manhattan around 2:30 by bus, then made way over for a quick walk trough Grand Central Station in the hopes of spotting some early birds with sketch books (sorry Don).  It wasn't too difficult to find my way up to the Roosevelt Hotel, the Ballroom and then my designated table. After depositing my heavy back pack underneath the tablecloth covered table, I spotted Ross McDonald in the bookstore section.  We talked shop and fence post mending.
I then spotted Von GitschkaFelix Sockwell, and Peter Cusack
Soon the place started filling up with more arriving artist, carting portfolios and tons of promotion material. Edel had a nice table right at the entrance where his assistant handed out fresh pens and ice for his overworked signature hand. In the meantime, Zina arrived with Barry schlepping all the tote bags. After introducing myself to my table neighbor, Heekyung Hur from Korea, I started setting up my table.
Upon opening my  backpack, I immediately realized my laptop was gone!  My heart sunk into my pants, "S@$%^&!" I quickly called me wife: "Yes, your laptop is here," she said.
That wonderful news relaxed me completely, nothing could go wrong now.
By this time, Nancy and Alan had set up their tables and there where just a few minutes left to talk to my fellow artists before the crowd arrived.
My table was located next to two very talented Aussi girls from Melbourne, Beck Wheeler and Andrea Innocent. The place started to fill up and for 3 hours my fellow neighbor artist went to work the crowd. I got to talk to a wide variety of art directors ranging from book publishing, design/advertising to editorial, some coming from as far as Germany and Canada.
In between mini breaks, I briefly chatted with the talented John Hendrix, Bri Hermanson, Kim Rosen, Pamela Henderson, Andrea Offermann, Cory Sandulis and Matt Hebermehl, all located in my quadrant of the room. Somehow, I managed to shake hands with Istvan Banyai and give Isabel Devereux a hug, and....BAM, time was up and Road show came to an end.
Looking over my table arrangement map, I missed talking to so many fellow artists.  Overall, the show was well attended and a great success.
Mark Helflin and his crew deserve a big THANK YOU.
While packing up, Dave Barmundo, with a quick touch of the iPhone and Google, managed to find a Cuban restaurant where a tired crowd could settle for dinner. On the way out, I spotted the guy who was supposed to stop signing Posters at six o'clock. Yep, you guessed it right.... Edel was still working.
Over mojitos and aarroz con amarone, I got to talk to wonderful Jean Tuttle, Alan Witschonke, Peggy Goodman, Theresa Logan, Jack Tom and Melanie Reim. Time flew again, by now it was 11 o'clock and I had to do a mad dash to catch the last bus going back home to the Catskills.
I had the iBook printed up a few months ago, it has completely replaced my epson print portfolio.
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