Christoph Hitz
October 2006
Yellow Mellow
With the days getting shorter and the holidays coming up,
I figured I'd share this recipe page with you. It's easy to do,
and the chances are your guests will think you are a 4 star cook.
I did the layout and Illustration about 2 years ago with a grand
plan to turn it into funky cookbook. Then life threw me
a curveball, my mother died in Switzerland and I had my son
in the hospital being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes type 1 all
in the same week. It changed everything in an instant  in my house.
Fast forward.
My son is doing well, he got his black belt in karate last spring
and he is back in school while hooked up to a life saving beeper sized
insulin pump.
The cook book project  stays shelved for now since I have
a rather large list of computer programs to revisit over the winter.

I count my blessing and hope you get to share this chicken
recipie (PDF) with friends.
IF FRIENDS DONíT let friends drive drunk, should cars?
Here is a recent Business Week spot assignment.
Cars with build in alcohol breathalyzer!
Turn around time can be extremely fast.
I was lucky  the Art Director picked my favorite
for the final.
Leafs, Sticks and Frost. Homage to Andy Goldsworthy
Red Oak, Maple, Sassafras and Tulip Leafs
This year I had started all my plants from seeds for the first time.
I didn't think I would derive so much joy and inspiration out my
garden from spring until now. The first frost had set in just a couple of days ago and I find myself working outside. Every day I spend about an hour or so closing out
the garden or splitting fire wood. This year,  I stared noticing how
the frost incased and burst the stems on my Marigolds, how fast the leafs desaturated
once they lay on the ground. The Frost had set the wheels of change into motion, mother nature
was getting ready for the big white blanket. The signs are everywhere. More so I ask myself: "Since when are You interested in how the Marigolds die, or frost lingers along with the fall shadows ?"
I was able to trace my steps back to last winter when my wife rented the movie "Rivers and Tides" about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and his work.
It's lasting impression had caught up with me and came to full circle.

Renting the full version at Netflix is the way to go. Here is the
YouTube snipped.
Here is my second set of reject New Yorker cartoons. I'm glad I got J.D. King laughing all the way up north in the Adirondacks with my first set. For know I hope You are all entertained with my second set. Cheers
Fellow Reject's
I see, I come to the right place. Since the fire is raging behind the stage of Drawger, I figured I bring my own lamp oil. The plan was to get in the back door at the New Yorker. About a year ago, I started submitting several set's of cartoons. Here is my first set. Enjoy
Fun Summer
It's been said that Illustratiors are lonley somtimes turning into total recluses. It's true it's a solitary profession. This summer, lucky me, I had some visitors, I ended up giving them a quick tutorial and let them play with Photo Booth. In return, I ended up with proof that I'm only a partial recluse.
peter, doing his leonardo impression
caroline, me
Young kids net working, Business Week
Hello, It's great to be among familiar faces from the past. I remember Zimm, JD and Mark from way back at 7-Day's and OS 4.5. I met with Robert and Leo in Boston, had one fine day about a two years ago with Elwood across the river. Spending most of my time in a remote location behind my drawing table and computer. I can see DRAWGER filling the the void of time and geographical space. I can't wait to play idea ping pong on this site. Cheers, Christoph To Do List (Note to myself) Split more wood for the winter, replace bad hey bails in the barn, take Emmett roller skating, freeze extra kale, get sketches ready for monday, migrate data to new computer, update my website
Very first time....
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