James OBrien
April 2009
Kal Penn portrait
When I started this, Kal Penn was in the news for leaving House to join the Obama administration. The sketch was drawn upside-down using my Jack Unruh inspired semi-blind contour drawing technique, resulting in some distortion. I corrected a few proportion and alignment issues and added color and texture.
Officially Unofficial Exhibit

My Obama print is a part of the Officially Unofficial Exhibit this month and through May at the Chicago Tourism Center, across from the Chicago Cultural Center. (top image: Barack Obama screen print, available for sale here; exhibit photos by Ray Noland)

Sunday sketches
Two parishioners sitting near me during the 9am service on Sunday.
Final couch illustration
Sketching food
This week, I took my digital illustration classes outside of the computer lab to sketch food. For my sketches, I decided to start with candy, found out that pretzels aren’t the easiest thing to draw. Then I tried a cupcake from Starbucks followed by a pig’s foot, a fish, and some vegetables from an Asian market.
Sunday sketches
These are from the previous two Sundays.
I did this image a few weeks ago for a story about genetic markers and second-hand smoke. I first sketched out a tattoo cloud on the figure's chest. The client asked for more clouds to suggest a larger number of genetic markers (below: sketch with alternate sketches).
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