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May 2010
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I’ve been at this illustration stuff for over twenty years now and it’s interesting to look through old work. I am adding older illustrations to my Flickr set and came across a few interesting ones I had forgotten about, here are four of them.

3 in 3x3 ProShow 7

Last Tuesday, after a grueling 8.5-mile hot and humid run, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from 3×3 announcing the inclusion of three of my entries into their ProShow 7, quite an honor!
Sketchbook exchange updates

I made this for my sketchbook exchange with a friend of mine, started out as a drawing of David Suchet as Poirot, using a Nikko G-pen nib and brown ink, then became overrun with some doodling using  Dr. Martin’s True Blue dye.

Drawn with a Niji Water Brush Pen filled with brown Dr. Martin’s Dye.

Dell-user with frog eggs.

This began as a doodle with Nikko G-pen nibs and red ink, added gouache for the light blue areas.
Digital doodle
For the final project in one of my classes, I had my students make a digital doodle illustration where they created an image in Illustrator, Photoshop, or Painter without a plan, just started with a mark or shape and then worked from there, letting the initial mark and subsequent reactive marks build up to a final image. I do this in demos quite often, especially in Illustrator because I’m demonstrating specific tools. When I demonstrate in Photoshop or Painter, I usually start out with a reference sketch. Above is my digital doodle demo that began with a light blue circle.
A drawing of my shoe at church on Palm Sunday, with frog eggs.
Doodle with collage
This is a doodle with collage from one of my sketch exchange books, random drawings around this tree, also incorporated some collage using Eric Carle’s technique. The pink is ink that had bled through from the previous page.
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