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Children's Hospital Billboard and Web

AUGUST 6, 2013
I got a call from my rep. They wanted to know if I would be interested in creating an image for the Cartoon Network. The show, Children's Hospital is a live action show with Henry Winkler, and a cast of doctor's, the central character being a clown.
The poster images shown here were the inspirations sent to me from the creative team at CN.

I did four sketches based on conversations and a couple of conference calls

I did this piece in several pieces because the client wanted the flexibility of rearranging the elements in the illustration. This, you may have already guessed, was a buyout.

I painted the heads separately, and larger so that I could get the kind of detail I wanted.

I painted the figures smaller and then attached the heads to the bodies in Photoshop

I hand painted the type.

Presto...Sunset and Crescent Hieghts above the Liquor Locker.