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Fortune: Battle for AIG, Process

APRIL 25, 2016
This is a process piece about a recent assignment I did for Fortune Magazine titled, Battle for AIG. The assignment was essentially a re-creation, portrait illustration about a confrontation between Bob Benmosche and Harvey Golub. For reference, I used photography sent by the art staff at Fortune, and other reference from the internet. In Mr. Benmosches case, I assembled him from several pieces of reference. What follows is a look at the layers of my photocomp, and then the layers of my hand painted, FW acrylic ink illustration.
The exterior view, no.1

The middle ground; Office windows

The Foreground; Mr. Benmosche already assembled from several pieces of reference.

Foreground; Mr. Golub!

Extreme Foreground; The Desk

The Background; Another option

Back Ground; This?

Background; That's the one!

Step 1: For the sake of time, I decided to paint this illustration in layers. I painted the background at a small scale, the figures at a slightly larger scale, and the portraits at still a larger scale. For this layer, I painted only the windows necessary to complete the task.

I then copy and pasted the remainder of the windows using Photoshop>Warp Tool to adjust the perspective.

The Middleground Windows.

The Figures

Mr. Golub

Mr. Benmosche

The Illustration; Layered Up

One More Thing...


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