Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
A little drawing done for a morning warm up. I'd recently read something about about these two friends and their sushi dinners together. I showed the sketch to Neil who asked if it might be used to accompany an upcoming article in the Guardian which would feature an excerpt of his introduction to a new collection of Mr Pratchett's stories. That excerpt, a lovely tribute to his friend and colleague, ran yesterday along with this drawing.

Leon Botstein
A page for this week's New Yorker. Leon Botstein is a historian, a writer, conductor and the President of Bard College. Also, according to the copy, very much a larger than life Character. Miss Chris Curry was the Art Director here. The assignment was offered on thursday afternoon, with sketches due friday and a final on monday. Below are a few of the sketches submitted.

Chris had some great reference of Mr Botstein's face, which in the article is described as "made" for caricature. Here I guess I was thinking that a glimpse of old timey boats on the Hudson might compliment the long tenure and flamboyant , old world qualities of the subject, who'd be sitting a bench in front of the Bard Gardens.

A colleague describes him as Zeus, and one gets the sense there'd be little disagreement from Mr. Botstein.

The final drawing was done to accommodate a 5 x 7" space and was upgraded to a full page before publication. I haven't seen the printed version, but am hoping it holds together at the enlarged size. Sometimes I have a tendency to over draw, clutter up or "fill in" a bigger space. It's an insecurity I think. Fear of open spaces or something. Perhaps drawing this one for smaller reproduction has unwittingly helped me side step that propensity this time.

thinking, drinking, drawing cont..
Some things done this week. Trying to figure stuff out. Still afraid of solid blacks and leaving things alone, and wondering why that is. This one, done in front of the tv, and fairly quickly, seemed, for a moment, to have promise in that regard. Curious how easily it can slip away.

The dollmaker. Monday. A small sketchbook drawing in a moleskine .

Done at the bar of the Bear Cafe on the back of a menu. I saw Milton Glaser and his wife come in for dinner. He looks good with the beard (not pictured).

At the Red Onion, on some vodka and a blank menu. There's a corner of the bar there that, if you can snag it, is good for this type of thing. Just enough privacy, just enough light and just the right height. Put some white out on this just now and kind of wish I hadn't.

A new take on an older drawing. Done for a collector and friend in Belgium. Some things improved upon in this version. Other things stubbornly, and frustratingly, resistant to improvement. Better drawn isn't always better drawing, maybe?

Here are five drawings from a recent sketchbook.

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