thinking, drinking, drawing cont..
Some things done this week. Trying to figure stuff out. Still afraid of solid blacks and leaving things alone, and wondering why that is. This one, done in front of the tv, and fairly quickly, seemed, for a moment, to have promise in that regard. Curious how easily it can slip away.

The dollmaker. Monday. A small sketchbook drawing in a moleskine .

Done at the bar of the Bear Cafe on the back of a menu. I saw Milton Glaser and his wife come in for dinner. He looks good with the beard (not pictured).

At the Red Onion, on some vodka and a blank menu. There's a corner of the bar there that, if you can snag it, is good for this type of thing. Just enough privacy, just enough light and just the right height. Put some white out on this just now and kind of wish I hadn't.

A new take on an older drawing. Done for a collector and friend in Belgium. Some things improved upon in this version. Other things stubbornly, and frustratingly, resistant to improvement. Better drawn isn't always better drawing, maybe?

Here are five drawings from a recent sketchbook.

FriendsOfBob Auction
Here's a page from a sketchbook that's part of the benefit auction for Robert Newman. Original art. Pen, ink and watercolor. I don't how to post a link because I'm a caveman, but googling "FriendsOfBob auction" ought to get you there, as will referring back to Stephen Kroninger's informative Drawger post from May 14th.

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