John S Cuneo
September 2011
How I spent my summer vacation.
Not really - I don't take vacations. These are just more things from a current sketchbook project where I draw one element, a face or hand or something, and then return to the page another time to try and make something out of it. Stupid little rules. Above: Hacked into my neighbor's Twitter account for reference on this one.
This face is from a magazine photo of a cappella singers somewhere.The snake is from Paraguay, as are the khakis.
From the non secular section of the Moleskine, in praise of Ethan Allen. Note to self - find a new fucking way to draw wine.
For an essay in The American Prospect speculating on future plot lines and cultural dissonance for the new season of Mad Men. Art Direction by Ms. Mary Parsons.
One from a series for Reader's Digest. AD: Marti Golon
Two sketchbook drawings with similar subject matter, but unrelated to the assignments above.
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